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Long Island Snow Removal & Plowing

Longos provides professional and safe snow removal & snow plowing in Suffolk County & Nassau County. With Snow Removal there are one or two options …You can do-it-yourself or hire a professional snow removal service to do it for you. Longos provides dependable snow removal services for both commercial and residential customers. Customers choose our Long Island snow removal services over our competitors because we get the job done in a timely and professional manor.
Our commercial clients can depend on our snow removal services because we guarantee their satisfaction by plowing their snow before their business opens for the day. We provide snow removal services for mall parking lots, shopping centers, corporate offices, industrial properties, schools, libraries, medical facilities, retail stores, and more.
Being snowed in can be a nightmare, especially for a residents. Our residential clients depend on our timely snow removal services.  Our loyal customers continue to use our snow removal service because of the way we pay special attention to detail. You no longer have to wait for a friend or neighbor to shovel your snow any longer. Why do customers choose us over other Snow Removal Companies on Long Island? Fast, Dependable Service!

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